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Maintaining & Repairing Garage Doors

This article was written by Blake at Gary’s Garage Door Repair Las Vegas,

In order to do safe garage door repairs, its important to understand how door systems are counterbalanced to allow the springs to off-set the weight that is on the door. You must be knowledgeable of the skills that I’m going to mention in this article in a short while:

* Measuring garage door springs

Measuring the garage door springs require technical know-how. This exercise requires experienced engineers, mechanics as well as technicians who are conversant with garage door services. The biggest mistake that most people do during garage door repairs is to order springs

* Weighing garage doors

Weighing the garage door entails weighing the door as well as providing drum information, measuring the track radius and the door height

* Using torsion springs that have different lifts

The main reason for doing this is to maximize the life cycle. Most unmatched rings contain a shorter life cycle and have higher chances of breaking first. Any time both springs are replaced at the same time, the cycles that are remaining in unbroken springs go unused

* Torsion spring cone replacement

If you are mechanically challenged its important to order springs that have cones. Its quite easy to remove the cones from the springs that are located at garage doors

* Extension spring replacements

Any time you have sectional overhead garage doors that use extension springs, its important to follow the right procedure on extension spring replacement so that your door can function properly once more

* Converting a one garage door spring to a double garage door spring

It’s quite risky to use a one torsion spring on the garage door. A two spring garage door is more advantageous. A two spring garage door is quite firm as compared to a one spring garage door

* Garage door lubrication

If your garage door squeaks or makes too much noise when opening, there are certain ways that are of great assistance in reducing the squeaking on the garage door. Most people lubricate almost everything and this is actually wrong. There are specific places that must be lubricated so as to avoid huge messes


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Benefits of having a pool heater

This is a guest post from Oliver. Oliver owners Pool Heater HQ which is a pool heater buyer’s guide. They have a list of pool heater reviews for the best pool heaters on the market today. For more information, visit their website.  

Adding a pool heater on your premise may be a matter of convenience but t does have its benefits. Sometimes looking at the pool and being unable to swim thanks to freezing water may not be an ideal situation. A pool heater allows you to swim all year round regardless of the weather condition. Swimming comes with a number of health benefits; a heated swimming pool on the other hand is especially good for people suffering from arthritis and muscular diseases.  With a heater at hand, no more do you have to brace yourself for the cold water you will have to ensure until your body adjusts to the temperature.

There are a number of benefits attached to having a pool heater, some of which include:

Extended swim time

With a pool heater present, no more do you have to steer clear of the pool during cold seasons. A pool heater ensures that you get to swim all year round.

Added comfort

With a pool heater, no more do you have to brace yourself before a dive in the cold, cold water. It is comfortable knowing that no matter how cold the weather turns, when you have your heater present you can comfortably take a dive in warm waters.  This ultimately means that you can stay for as long as you want in the pool thus adding to the level of fun you have with friends and family.

It comes with health benefits

Swimming in a heated pool does come with its benefits. When you properly heat your pool then you can positively impact your health. This is especially the case if you or someone you know suffers from arthritis and muscular diseases. The heated water helps sooth sour muscles leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Durable and limited care is needed

A number of pool heaters are quite durable and do require minimal care. Aside from occasional pool servicing, the heater requires minimal care leaving you enjoy the immense benefits of swimming.

The right pool for your premise will depend on a number of factors such as your pool size, your budget, the climate and your overall preference. However, regardless of which heater you chose to own, the benefits remain relatively the same. How warm you choose to keep your pool will depend on your budget and preferences. The more heat you consume, the higher your heating costs. The normal eating range is 78-82 degrees F, however the ultimate decision remains your on how warm you wish to go.

In case you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy having a heated pool while doing away with high heating costs. Avoid unnecessarily heating your pool and only do so when you must absolutely use the pool. With proper care and maintenance, you should have relatively low operational costs. In order to minimize operating costs, it is best to install the right heater for your pool (in terms of size and heating capabilities). It is also a good idea to keep your filter clean in addition to properly maintaining your heating and filtering system.

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How to turn narrow hallways into wider ones

In case you have a narrow hallway or two then you are in luck because you are going to be informed of ways of making it look wider than it is! Light paint colors are your narrow hallways’ best friend. With so little space to work with it can be frustrating to beautifully decorate a narrow hallway. With a little planning and inspiration however, it is possible to turn the narrow space into a wide one.

With the right color, decorations or furniture, a narrow hallway can be easily turned into a wider one.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways of doing this:

  • roomGo for light shades of color to create the illusion of space. Joel from Burlington Painters suggests that the most common color of choice is white. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to it. You can go for lighter shades of other color such as blue, yellow and green. As for the trim color, you need to look for colors that are two shades lighter than the wall.
  • For hallways with windows your choice of color does tend to broaden slightly. Besides the white color and lighter shades of green or blue for example, you can even go for a light tan color if you so wish.
  • Still on the narrow hallway with a window, you should consider adding a mirror on the opposite wall to the window so that the wall gives off an illusion of a much bigger hallway.
  • Contrast the wall colors (especially if you don’t have windows or doors present). For example, you can paint a deeper shade of your color of choice at the base of the wall and the lighter shade at the top.
  • As for the paint finish, go for paint with an eggshell, gloss or satin finish as these tend to reflect light well. In addition, they are also easier to clean.
  • Ideally, you should use white color for a narrow hallway.
  • Consider going for patterned floors as opposed to dark floors if you wish to create an illusion of a wider hallway.
  • In case the hallway has no windows to bring in natural light then you might have to consider adding accent lighting. You will have to place the lights at strategic parts of the hallway to give off the illusion of a spacey hallway.
  • Add accessories such as large mirrors, colorful pieces of art or wall hanging to give off the illusion of a wider hallway.

Other colors you might want to consider include grey, cream, light shades of orange, and lavender for the light side. As for the dark side, you might want to consider chocolate, black blue, tan or almost any other dark shade of color as per your preferences. The whole point is to contrast the colors and ensure that they blend well with the furniture and decoration that may be present.


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Water Softener Buying Guide and Its Benefits to Your Home

Most homeowners will make sure that they have installed a water softener in their homes for many great reasons. Water softeners do come in various types hence before you buy one; you need to consider some factors. As an energy saver in your household, you will never miss to have it. Proven research has been able to find that you can save a great deal of time cleaning your utensils with softened water rather than using the hard water. Your heating systems will have reduced deposits of lime scale when using softened water for some time. Before you can learn about other rare benefits of water softeners, it is important to know what your household needs.

Water Softener Buying Guide

The number of house occupants will influence the type of water softeners to buy. There is always that which suits a particular number of persons in that house and the dealer will help you make the right choice. How hard is your water? There is always a way of measuring the water hardness and there are professionals in that. The company selling the water softener is in a position of determining it and recommending the best to buy. If you are using a well or city water you should remember that this is also an important factor too.

The True Benefits of Water Softeners

When washing your utensils made from stainless steel and glass, just be certain that they will always look shinier and cleaner than before. This will never be the case if you use hard water. The other reasons to use treated water passed through this product is that you will always keep at bay soap curd. You will also be able to have a softer hair and skin unlike otherwise because the amount of elements on softened water has been managed to healthier levels. Are you an advocate of Green environment? Softened water is a key to an environment by reducing greenhouse effect.

The last but not the least benefit of a water softener is that it saves your toiletries. For example, your soap will last for longer days than would have been the case if you used water that has not been softened. It is about that time you should get a brand that meets our family needs. If you happen to live in the Las Vegas area, Water Softener Las Vegas is the company to call for a quick installation.

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Is your locksmith actually local?

Last week my daughter lost her car keys and asked me to help her find a locksmith. First I went the old fashion way and picked up the phone book. You know the one that has been sitting under the stack of magazines in the corner. I looked up locksmith and had no idea there were so many here in Alpine. There must of been three pages of locally listed businesses.

The first locksmith I called had a full page colorful advertisement. The person who answered asked for my phone number and address. When I told him I was off Tavern Rd, he asked me to spell it for him. I was surprised since Tavern Rd is one of the main roads here. So I asked him if he was located in Alpine and he said yes. At that point I told him never mind because I would call another locksmith company actually located here.

Would you believe of the next several “local” companies I called NONE of them were actually located here in Alpine. So I then went and did an Internet search for an emergency locksmith located in Alpine. The first three I called said that they were in Alpine but had no idea of the main roads here. I assume they were either from another part of San Diego or another state entirely.

Then I decided to use Super Pages, the online directory my husband uses when he is looking for a local business. I went directly to the third page since I figured the really local companies would not be paying to be in the front of the list. Sure enough I was able to find a locksmith who was actually located here in Alpine. The locksmith was great and went to my daughter’s house and made a new key for her car. The key cost $240.00 because it is one of those new fob keys but knowing the money actually went to one of our local locksmith businesses is not so bad.

Moral of the story is make sure you call a locksmith who is actually located in your area or has someone located in your area. I am sure I would have paid a lot more for a locksmith to drive all the way from San Diego. A local phone number does not necessarily mean a local locksmith business.

– Cheryl McNeil, Alpine, CA

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A Few Basement Renovation Tips

Today, basements are being transformed into settings which would have been unimaginable many years ago. Basements have become an extended part of our living quarters with functions of a kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, bathrooms and more. The possibilities are endless.

However, with any type of renovation project, it’s very important to plan. Before you start a basement renovation project, you need to make sure you have a clear thought out-out plan for the transformation you’re looking to make. It’s actually a good idea to hire a basement renovation contractor to help you make sure that your project is done up to government standards so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with a home inspector in the future. One contractor I highly recommend for basement renovations is Granitestone Renovations which specializes in Basement Renovations in London, Ontario.


One you have a plan laid out, you’ll want to discuss the type of ceiling you’d be looking to install. If you have a tall basement which is under 8 feet, you will probably want to consider finishing the ceiling with a painted gyprock or sheetrock coating. However, this type of ceiling will require installing of access panels which can easily be removed in the event that electrical wiring or plumbing repairs need to be done.

If you have a rare basement which is over 8 feet tall, then you may want to consider installing a suspending ceiling. A suspended ceiling consist of a grid which hangs from the existing ceiling. Panels are then placed in the bottom of the grid to give the appearance of a lower ceiling. This type of ceiling is not only functional but attractive as well. With these types of removable panels, it’ll make it much easier for you to access piping and wiring quite easily if required.


Lighting can add a lot of the aesthetics of a basement renovation project especially since basements are typically dark places. Recessed lighting is generally the standard for basement renovation projects to give the basement a warm relaxing feel. However, recessed lighting may require more space in the ceiling to be installed so ensure that you basement renovation contractor and electrician are aware of your plans so that they can properly ensure that there’s enough space in the ceiling for them.

If your basement doesn’t have enough space to have recessed pot lights installed, wall scone lighting is another option to give you basement a nice and warm ambiance. Floor lamps and table lamps can also be placed around the basement for additional lighting as well.


Basements are typically used for storage so you may want to ensure that you have a designated spot set apart in your basement specifically for storage. The ideal spot to set apart for storage in your basement would be a spot which generally can’t be used as a living space. This could be a section under the stairwell, or in a tight, awkwardly shaped corner in your basement.


Determine what exactly you want your basement to be used for beforehand to help you determine whether or not you want carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, etc. If you plan to use it as a play section for your children, carpet may be a food idea. However, because basements generally have high amounts of moisture, it’s a good idea to install moisture resistant sub-flooring beneath whichever type of flooring option you choose.

Hope this helps you with your basement renovation project. If you are ever looking for any type of inspiration or help with your next renovation project, check out this home renovation guide.

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Services Offered By a Reputable Residential Locksmith

It is always frustrating to be unable to access your home due to lost or broken keys. Trying to break the lock on your own is not advisable as you may destroy your locks or doors resulting in future expensive repairs or even injure yourself. The most effective solution is to contact a residential locksmith who will professionally unlock your doors. A reputable locksmith is one who will effectively open your locks without resorting to destroying or drilling them. This is cost effective as you will not have to spend money buying new locks.

A professional residential locksmith will also be able to offer you a variety of locksmith services like repairing damaged locks and keys. In the event your lock is damaged beyond repair, your residential locksmith will undertake lock replacement services. They will be able to advise you on a variety of quality locks that are suitable for your home and security needs.

If you need all your locks to work with a single key, your locksmith will undertake rekeying services. Rekeying is also important in the event you loose your keys or unauthorized people are in possession of your keys. Any good residential locksmith should have a variety of the state of art tools and equipment so as to be able to perform services like key duplication and key cutting onsite and within the visit.

Contacting your residential locksmith is the best option when you want to upgrade your home security as they will be able to undertake a free security audit of your home and advise you on areas that need upgraded security features. Locksmiths are experts in installing biometric locks, electronic locks, single key entry systems, keyless entry systems and keypad locking mechanisms. They will also ensure your locks are impregnable so as to keep your home safe even if you are out of town.

Moreover, residential locksmiths are capable of installing CCTV cameras and alarm system. If you want to select a safe, your locksmith will be able to advise you on the different types of safes available and help you select one that is suitable for you. They are also able to unlock them if you have forgotten the combination or lost your keys.

Emergency Residential Locksmith Services

In the event you are unable to open any of your locked doors and need immediate assistance, you will need to call your emergency locksmith. An emergency locksmith will be able to respond to any emergency you may have in the shortest time possible no mater the day or time.

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What You Can Do with Home Improvement

175292Many people believe that home improvement means only interior decorating. It is true up to some level, but the truth is that home improvement means so much more than just décor. When you refer to this area, you refer to those things that can be changed to offer more comfort for those people who live in that house.

This means that you can still refer to isolating your attic or your house as home improvement, along with changing the tiles inside your bathroom, the appliances in your kitchen or any other project.

Here are some ideas about what you can do to improve your personal space or create a personal heaven.

Redecorate the Kitchen

home-improvement-lady2Here you can do so many things, as the kitchen and the bathrooms are 2 of the most important rooms. The kitchen is the place where you cook the food for your family, where you drink your coffee in the morning and where you take breakfast every day. These are just of few reasons why you need to change your kitchen, especially if the furniture and the appliances are old. Change the cupboards and everything else that you need to change.

The new furniture can be something simple, as that is always classy, but you can still choose some contrast items like the doors or the faces of the drawers. The new appliances will make it easier for you to cook the dishes or simply make a coffee at your new coffee maker. Don’t forget about the walls and the floor, and while you’re at this, make sure you also change the lightings. This will surely create a warm and comfortable place where you can have some quality time with your family.

Change the HVAC System

rsz_55555555555The HVAC system is what keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Because of this, you need to make sure that it works correctly and without errors. There is also the possibility that the system is too old to properly function anymore, so you still need to take care of it. Make sure you call for a professional to evaluate it and tell you what you can do about it. It is quite an investment, but you will see the difference in no time.

Isolate the Attic

tradev2The attic is one of those places that you don’t pay too much attention to. However, if you isolate it, you can use that space in a more useful manner. You can have a play room for your children, an office for you to work in, and a dressing area where you can keep all the clothes and so on. There are so many ways in which you can use that area, that it’s a shame not to use it.

Call for a professional to make sure that there is no water damage, and to isolate the attic properly. Once this is done, you can paint the walls and decorate the room however you want it.

The Basement Can Be Used

shutterstock_95085514There are many home improvement ideas, but this is one of the best. The basement is not always used, but it represents a wide area of the house and with a little work, you can still benefit from it. Call for someone to check out if there is no mold and no water damage. Make sure you repair every damage that there is, and paint the walls in nice colors. Install a beautiful floor made from parquet or hard wood and if the area allows you, you can also add some walls to create different rooms.

You can install there whatever you like – a play room for your family, with video games and a large TV set, an office where you can work, a second or a third bedroom for you or for your guests, and so on.

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